PLSC 270 - Lecture 18 - Microfinance in South India

Lecture 18 - Microfinance in South India


Professor Rae teaches the SELCO business case, about a distributed electric power generation scheme targeting rural Indians. In presenting the case, Professor Rae discusses several analytical frameworks for thinking through business cases, including SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), and the Porter Forces. Issues with SELCO's business model are discussed, including the scalability of their operations, and capacity to break into higher margin markets. SELCO's financing structure and partnership with a local microfinance institution are also explored. Students offer suggestions about how to improve SELCO's business.


Case: "SELCO" Yale School of Management Case 09-033.

Morduch, Jonathan. "The Microfinance Promise," Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. XXXVII (December, 1999) pp. 1569-1614.

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