AFAM 162 - Lecture 3 - Reconstruction

Lecture 3 - Reconstruction


Between 1865 and 1877, several plans were developed by which the Confederate states could be readmitted to the Union and the residents of the states given full citizenship rights. It was far from clear, however, which plan would do a better job maintaining the social peace and protecting African Americans' ability to earn a wage, raise a family, own land, and exercise the right to vote. In this lecture, Professor Holloway outlines the contours of the Ten Percent Plan, Presidential Reconstruction, and Radical Reconstruction, and he explains how these plans embraced a variety of approaches to reuniting the disparate states. As Professor Holloway explains, Reconstruction greatly enhanced the rights of African Americans, while also circumscribing their lives by new political, economic, and social initiatives.

Warning: This lecture contains graphic content and/or adult language that some users may find disturbing.



Hunter, To 'Joy My Freedom, pp. 44-186, skim pp. 187-218

Marable, Let Nobody Turn Us Around, pp. 122-135

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